Community Clinics


  Podiatry (Foot Care)

  If you have a problem with your foot care or an illness (eg diabetes) that can affect your feet, please contact reception for a referral form you can complete.

  Speech Therapy

  If you are concerned about your childs speech or language, your doctor can refer you to a Speech Therapist.


  A doctor may refer you to a physiotherapist or you can self-refer - ask at reception for details. Physio offers advice and treats problems with muscles or joints e.g after injury.


   A doctor may refer you to a dietician if your weight is endangering your health.


   Your doctor may refer you for a scan at a local clinic if they are worried you might have a blood clot in your leg (DVT). 

   They will give you this leaflet  if you are referred and the clinic will contact you to  arrange the time of your scan

   Consultant Clinics

   These consultants regulary visit the health centre : 

  • Obstetrics (pregnancy)
  • Dermatology (skin problems)