We are part of the Bristol Primary Care Research and Developement Consortium.  We will not reveal patient details to researchers unless the patient has given consent or the data is anoymised.

    All research which involves patients, users or care professionals or their organs, tissue or data is referred to independent ethical review to safeguard the dignity, rights, saftey and well-being of the participants. 

 Training Practice 

    In May 2007 the practice became a GP training practice.  This means that newly qualified doctors who wish to become a GP can come and train for a year.    

   Medical Students 

    Our practice has links to the University of Bristol Medical School.  Medical students are sometimes attached to  the practice, but you will always be asked if you are happy for the student to sit in with your doctor.

We are currently taking part in the following research projects: 


   ARRISA:   At-Risk Registers Integrated into primary care to Stop Asthma crises in the UK  
   REST:       The Runny Ear Study (Aug 18)  
   CHICO: The Children with Cough Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (Sept 18)  
   TUDOR: Total Burden of Psoriasis (Apr 17)  
   ACCESS Evaluation of patient access to medical test result in general practice (Dec 18)  
   PEDAL2 Promoting electrically-assisted cycling in people with type 2 diabetes (Dec 18)  
   EPaCCS The Impact of Electronic Palliative Care Coordination Systems (EPaCCS) on Care at the End of Life: A Realist Evaluation (Jan 19)  
   IMPPP:  Improving medicines use in People wilth Polypharmacy in Primary Care (Phase 1) Study  
   FALCON:   A feasibility Randomnised Controlled Trial of a Fibromyalgia Self-mamangement programme in a community setting