Staff News - October 2019


  •         Welcome to Emmy who has now joined our Treatment Room team of nurses.

  •         Congratulations to Dr Yin who celebrates TWO years at the practice in October.

  •         Congratulations to Nikki in Treatment Room who celebrates her FIRST year with the practice on 08.10.19

  •         We are very sad that Dr Pietersen is retiring from the practice on 31.12.2019 - although after TWENTY FOUR

                   YEARS here she does deserve a rest!

  •         We will be contacting Dr Pietersen's patients nearer the time to let them know who their usual doctor will be.
  •         We are delighted however that Dr Elkins and Dr Bennett Britton will be staying with us from January 20 after

                  Dr Stone and Dr Mayes return from maternity leave.

  •         We are also delighted that Dr Tom Buckman will also be joining is in January 20 - he worked with us a couple of

                   years ago so knows us well!!