Text Messages - GDPR Policy 





 We have the facility to use SMS Text messages to your mobile phone to contact you.

 These may be used to notify you of, for example:-

  • Changes to your booked appointment
  • National issues such as Flu pandemics
  • Practice being closed due to unforseen circumstances
  • Cancelled clinics including GP, Nurse and Health care assistant
  • Other notifications the practice deem necessary to your health care provision

 If you would like the GP practice to contact you by this means please make sure we have your   up to date mobile number

 It is important that you let the practice know if you wish to OPT OUT of this service otherwise   you will be automatically   sent text messages.  Patient can opt in and out of this service at any   time.

 If you agree to the GP practice contacting you via your mobile phone number, the GP practice   agrees to adhere to the   following:-

  • The mobile phone number will only be used by the GP practice and will not be passed to any other parties.
  • If at any time you would like to opt out of above service, please make a personal request to the GP practice and you will be opted out of the service within 48hours.You may also like to include your reason for opting out, to help us review and improve the service in the future.
  • Your mobile phone number will solely be used by the GP practice in relation to the healthcare services offered by the GP practice. You will not be contacted in relation to any other types of products or services.
  • No personal details will be included in the message to identify you.
  • Whilst the GP practice will regularly check your telephone numbers with you, please be aware that the onus of keeping your contact details current with the practice rests with you.