Team Members


  • Dr Shelia Pietersen - Partner working 3 days a week
  • Dr Phil Chisnall - Partner working 4 days a week
  • Dr Helen Wehner - Partner working 3 days a week
  • Dr Rebekah Stone - Currently on Maternity Leave
  • Dr Jade Mayes - Currently on Maternity Leave
  • Dr Jennifer Yin - Salaried doctor working 3 days a week
  • Dr Ian Bennet-Britton - Salaried doctor working 1.5 days a week
  • Dr Annie Elkins - Salaried doctor working 2 days a week
  • Dr Olivia Gokhale - Registrar working 4 days a week

Practice Pharmacist

  • Mark Griffiths - Our Practice Pharmacist can help with medication queries and reviews for Diabetes and COPD.

Treatment Room Team

  • Stella, Nikki & Emmy - Our treatment room Nurses can provide you with a whole range of services to help your health
  • Lisa - Our extended role healthcare assistant will see you for bloods, blood pressure readings ans smoking cessation advice.
  • Keeley - Our healthcare assistant who you will see you to take blood.

Strategic Business Manager

  • Vicki Staatz - Responsible for the running of the practice and for all strategic development.

Reception & Administration Team

We have 14 Receptionists and Administrators working various shifts who will make appointments and deal with your enquiries. They also work behind the scenes supporting our Doctors and Nurses.