Health Coaching Resouces


How do I support my mental and emotional health?

There are many ways to help reduce our feelings of stress to improve our health and how we feel.
We're all different and there isn't a one size fits all approach.
See the information below to find the support that works for you.

  • Rethink run fortnightly drop-in session to support your mental health: Call 0117 377 2255 for more information.
  • Click here for services that run next door at The Healthy Living Centre


Vitaminds Bristol Mental Health Services
Vitaminds Workshops and groups Workshops and Groups
If you are on the Vitaminds waiting list you can enroll on The Wellbeing College courses

Health Coaching Resources


Health Coaching Resources

How do I support my physical health and fitness?

We all know that being active has huge benefits for our mind and body
We often don't exercise because we think we aren't fit enough or have negative feelings about exercising or are experiencing pain or have had bad experiences in the past

Below are some very simple, small steps we can take to move a little bit more each day

  • The Healthy Living Centre have walking groups, movement classes and a movement health coach to help you work out a plan for you.

You can call them to find out more 0117 377 2255 or Check out what activities they are running


How do I feel better with diet and lifestyle choices?

Food matters to our health and wellbeing. Eating a healthy diet helps both our physical and mental health beyond losing weight.

Here are some resources to help begin to make healthier choices for yourself.

Health Coaching Resources


How do I feel better by connecting with others, my community and nature?

When we have time to connect with other people, nature and our interests it can help us to feel better and improve our health.

Doing things we love, being creative, connecting with friends and people we don't know, being in green spaces and connecting with ideas, the arts, sciences, music, dancing and more has shown to have enormous benefits for us.

These activities help shift us into a 'being' mind rather than 'doing' mind, they reduce stress hormones, help us relax, focus, concentrate, get into a flow state, improve our sleep and are often fun, make us laugh, think, learn, play.